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The Show


Would you be able to beat The Million Pound Drop?

The Million Pound Drop is an extraordinary game show where contestants can win – or lose – life changing amounts of money LIVE on TV.

Unlike previous series, now just seven questions stand between the contestants and their chance to take home the prize.

The game is played out on the Drop – a fiendish device with four trapdoors, on which the answers to each question are displayed. Contestants place their money on the trapdoor they think displays the correct answer. They can split their money across the trap doors if they aren’t sure, however one drop always needs to be left clear. If the answer they’ve placed money on is wrong, the money they placed will drop and be lost forever. Just wrong move could literally see thousands of pounds drop.

With our new series comes some new rules; contestants will now be able to win cash if they make it to (and answer) question seven correctly. At this point, our contestants will be shown two possible answers to question 8 and if they proceed with the question they have the chance to double their prize fund! If they gamble and get the question correct, they walk away with double, but if they get question 8 wrong they lose everything…


The Million Pound Drop Play Along game is a fun way for you at home to be part of the LIVE show.  The Play Along game is only available to play online during LIVE shows.

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Skype provides the technical platform to allow people to join the show live.